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Blocky Challenges ajouté le 27 May 2024 Joué 4 fois 1 Joueur, Achat d'améliorations, Adresse avec la souris, Obstacles, Défilement, HTML5, Blocs, iPhone, iPad, Écran tactile, Tapoter

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Description du jeu:

A friend is one who will not leave in trouble, will always tell the truth and will not ask too much. If you have it, then you are very lucky, because there are never many friends. Our hero in the game Blocky Challenges also has friends and they will come to his aid if you call them. The red block with funny eyes sets off on a journey full of all sorts of obstacles. Block did not at all think that he had no opportunity to jump over even the smallest bump, not exactly a high obstacle. But the hero will succeed. Because as soon as you click and the required number of blocks will be formed under it, which will raise it to the required height. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

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